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Looking for Blue Springs Rental Properties?

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Renting a home that’s managed by a professional property management company will lead to a better and happier rental experience. We’re here to help you find the right home, get settled into your new area, and enjoy turning a property into a home. Take a look at our available listings, and talk to us about what you want and what you need. We’ll find you something that’s just right.

Our current tenants will tell you that we’re responsive, available, and always willing to help. We respect your time and your privacy, and we make renting a home easy. Rent can be paid conveniently and securely online, and you can also use our online platform to make maintenance requests and send a message to your management team.

Available Properties

All budgets, wish lists, and requirements are welcome!

Client Reviews

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"Colin and his team at Atlas Property Management have been absolutely invaluable resources for my Kansas City real estate investments. I can say with confidence that I would not be able to own and operate my out-of-state portfolio without his assistance at every step of the way. Atlas Property Management has the systems in place, the maintenance staff, and most important of all, the “hustle” to get things done".

— Geordy R


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"Colin is on top of the construction rehab of the projects. The projects are going well and we have renters with better than expected rents."

— Grant R



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"I trust Colin and his team with all of my GC and PM personally, and with my clients. not only does Colin understand how to manage and rehab effectively, he is an investor himself and therefore will make sure your purchase aligns with your goals. oh - and by the way, he's great at finding cash flowing deals. he's a yield chaser, just like me!"

— Logan F


Ask Us Anything About Property Management

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Atlas Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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Get to know the team at Atlas Property Management and why we’re the best choice to manage your entire investment experience.


Telephone: +1 816-410-8800

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3200 Rte. 291
Building #2
Independence, MO 64055