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Lee’s Summit Property Management Services: Your One-Stop Shop


When you work with a professional Lee’s Summit property management company like Atlas, you can worry less and earn more. A full-service management solution like ours provides a better investment experience.

We manage rental homes throughout the entire Lee’s Summit area.

Our team provides everything you need, from investment advice to construction and rehab work to leasing and management. We’ll take care of finding and placing a tenant, collecting rent, and protecting the condition of your property.

Talk to us about your investment goals. We’re investors, too.

Client Reviews

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"Colin and his team at Atlas Property Management have been absolutely invaluable resources for my Kansas City real estate investments. I can say with confidence that I would not be able to own and operate my out-of-state portfolio without his assistance at every step of the way. Atlas Property Management has the systems in place, the maintenance staff, and most important of all, the “hustle” to get things done".

— Geordy R


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"Colin is on top of the construction rehab of the projects. The projects are going well and we have renters with better than expected rents."

— Grant R



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"I trust Colin and his team with all of my GC and PM personally, and with my clients. not only does Colin understand how to manage and rehab effectively, he is an investor himself and therefore will make sure your purchase aligns with your goals. oh - and by the way, he's great at finding cash flowing deals. he's a yield chaser, just like me!"

— Logan F


Owner Services

Locating Investment Homes

Lee’s Summit is an ideal market for rental property investment. The community is full of great neighborhoods, responsible tenants, and stable market trends. We can help you decide which investment meets your needs. Talk to our team about what you’re looking for and where your portfolio is right now. Then, we’ll talk about where it can go.

Marketing Rental Property

Our marketing process is designed to limit your vacancy, earn as much rent as possible, and place a reliable tenant. Our online advertising and social media outreach is efficient and strategic. We are quick to establish a profitable and competitive rental value, line up showings, and walk potential tenants through the application process.

Leasing to Qualified Tenants

We have high standards when it comes to tenant placement. With innovative tools and technology, we can conduct thorough background checks and nationwide eviction searches. We verify income and rental history. The result is a responsible, long-term tenant who follows the lease agreement and protects the condition of your home.

Rental Property Maintenance

Your investment success depends on a well-maintained home. With proactive, routine, and emergency maintenance services all available in-house, we deliver. Our team helps with renovations, turnovers, and general maintenance. Your maintenance needs are met with qualified, cost-effective systems and professionals.

Property Management Technology

Our innovative technology leads to better management. We’re flexible and fast, leaving you with more time and less stress. We’ve automated everything we can, resulting in tenants paying rent and requesting maintenance online. We’re able to document everything from inspections to rental payments.

Investment Advice

We’re investors too, and we love working with real estate entrepreneurs who have plans and think big. Our team has learned a lot over the years, and we’re here to help you have a better investment experience. That might mean acquiring a new asset or renovating one that isn’t earning enough. We have plans and we love to talk strategy. Set new goals with Atlas Property Management.

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Have Any Questions About Your Rental Property?

Free consultation for investment owners in Jackson County serving Lafayette, Clay, and Cass Counties in Missouri and Johnson County in Kansas.

Prospective owners often ask how much they can rent their investment property for. Talk to an Atlas Property Management Professional today to avoid under or overvaluing your property.

The team can provide you with a complimentary estimate to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investments.

Our Property Management Fees

We have been managing our own rental properties and those of our investor clients for years. We understand the value of good management, and we know it doesn’t help anyone to establish complex and confusing pricing structure. We keep things simple and we work together to find a price point that works.

Our service area covers Blue Springs, including zip codes 64015, 64063, 64138, 66212, and 64114.

We’re a full-service management company, which means our fees cover everything we do for you, from finding a great tenant to collecting rent and enforcing your lease. When Atlas Property Management is your local partner, you can count on us to stay up to date on market trends, local and federal laws, and industry best practices. We think we’ provide a great value for what we charge, and we know you won’t find better Blue Springs property management.

Areas We Serve

Jackson County Property Management Company serving Lafayette, Clay, and Cass Counties in Missouri and Johnson County in Kansas.

Ask Us Anything About Property Management

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Atlas Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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Get to know the team at Atlas Property Management and why we’re the best choice to manage your entire investment experience.


Telephone: +1 816-410-8800

E-mail: info@atlas.rentals


3200 Rte. 291
Building #2
Independence, MO 64055